Endorphin.es Oscillator Calibration

Calibrating analog oscillators to track properly 1 volt per octave scale sometimes becomes a huge problem. Not anymore: after that Christmas edition video you will learn how to trim v/oct using this approach which you can repeat using your own tools on any oscillators.

How To Use the CV BUS with AJH modules

This video shows you how you can use the CV BUS with a CV Controller (in this case an Arturia Keystep) via the Glide + Noise module (MkII version only) to control the pitch of multiple VCOs, and send the signal on to a filter or any other destination, thus making patching simpler, faster and tidier. There is also a section detailing the basics of what you'll need to know about bus boards to ensure that you can use both the CV BUS and GATE BUS, however a detailed video regarding using both will be coming soon.

Also, it briefly mentions how the PRECISION VOLTAGES module can compliment this system, and help you to expand the CV range of your controller, in case you are having trouble reaching the lowest notes your synth can produce.

The AJH SYNTH MINI MOD system is based on the original Moog Minimoog Model D, but greatly expanded into Eurorack Modular format. Its high-end design and manufacture provides authentic vintage tones, with modern usage sensibilities, featuring substantial controls and socket layouts to provide a modular synth that is a true instrument to be played.

The GLIDE + NOISE MkII module can be used with any Eurorack modular system where access to the CV BUS is needed, along with a classic Glide function, and 3 simultaneously available noise outputs - white, pink, and red. Note that the original Glide + Noise MkI version of the module, since discontinued, does not have this facility.

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