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Easel Command

Q1/2022 (small batch in March)


Easel in suitcase

no date or price

Miso Modular



Haken Audio

EaganMatrix Modules


Meng Qi

Wingie Mk2


Meng Qi Wing Pinger Q2/2022


Black Corporation - Rachael

In this video Noisebug demonstrates the versatility of Rachael, the new module from Black Corporation. Rachael is a great companion to the Deckards Voice module, but can function as a stand-alone module as well.

It features a classic ring modulator effect with its own reference oscillator and ADSR envelope, both of which can be used separately from the ring mod to add additional sound and control to the Deckard's Voice.

TouellSkouarn Blokañ Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that the TouellSkouarn Blokañ will soon be available.

Blokañ is a ring modulator for Eurorack based on tubes and transformers. It is built like a classic diode ring modulator, but the diodes are tube based.

The built-in VCO provides the carrier signal (triangle wave) and can also be tapped using a dedicated output. The VCO provides a voltage control input. The carrier signal can also be replaced by an external signal.

Stereo Gemini - Using a Dual Filter to create Stereo Effects

This week's patch shows how you can use the Gemini 2412 VCF (otherwise a twin or 2 filters) to create stereo panning effects, by using an LFO and 2 VCAs. It's easy to create stereo amplification or panning of a sound just by using a pair of VCAs in the same manner as detailed in this video, or just in post-processing, but where's the fun in that?? Actually filtering and shaping the sound in stereo, using two filters that can have completely unique settings, is much more sonically interesting, and offers a huge range of sound possibilities.

The Gemini 2412 is perfect for this kind of usage, as in addition to providing 2 completely independent SEM-style VCFs, it also has a very flexible mixer section allowing the two filters to be used and controlled together, in parallel or in series. With Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, and variable Lowpass-Highpass filtering modes, all selectable by a switch, and with individual outputs for LP, BP and HP - it provides almost limitless tone-shaping possibilities.

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