Animal Factory Amplification - Orobas

The Animal Factory Amplification Orobas is a dual tube amplifier that is composed of two identical channels which can be used in parallel or in series.

The Screen CV input determines the gain and the sound characteristics.

The Suppress CV input is normalized to the input signal if nothing is connected. The purpose of this input is to direct electrons reflected from the anode back to the anode. Audio Rate Modulation is also possible here and a bit milder than with the Screen CV, but still effective.

The Evocation knob controls the feedback of the second output into the first channel. The sonic performance is very much dependent on the Plate Bias switch. The Plate Bias switch effectively controls the headroom. This allows you to use the tubes in three different settings, from fuzz sound to full distortion.

In this video, we show the Orobas in various situations, as a VCA for monophonic synth sound and chords or as a distortion for beats from a drum machine.

Robert Lippok on the Karussell

On the 30th of june Robert Lippok performed on the Karussell during late afternoon at Adam Chalks cozy gallery space GH36 located in Berlin's Mitte district.

The six modular systems comprising the Karussell were put together with the support of Alex4. It contains a complete portfolio of our brands: ACL, AJH Synth, Analogue Systems, Animal Factory Amplification, Cwejman, Doepfer, E-RM,, Eowave, Flame, Frap Tools, Genki Instruments, Humble Audio, Kenton, TouellSkouarn, Verbos Electronics and Vermona

This was only Robert's third engagement on a larger modular synthesizer. It was very interesting to see how quickly he anticipated and found his way to play the Karussell. Listening to the recordings afterwards proofed again how well it works out to just let yourself go for a while, tape everything and browse the recordings later to see what you can find to involve into your musical work. We all had a beautiful afternoon there with Adam and look forward to share more sessions with you!

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