UDO Super 6 - Performance Video

Here is a demonstration of the UDO Super 6, wherein all synthesizer sounds come from the UDO Super 6, and are shown individually in each section. The song is an original composition, with most parts improvised.

After the song, each individual part is demonstrated so that the listener can hear the unique and desirable tone in its binaural context.

UDO Super 6 Patch Pack 01

We are excited to share the first official pack of patches for the Super 6 — available to download from the support/downloads page.

This free pack contains 64 expertly-crafted patches, designed by the amazing Benny Bock, Ben Crosland, David Gale and Aera Tiret. These patches include sweeping pads, full-frontal leads, powerful basses, otherwordly FX, and much more — all easily dropped into your Super 6 with a few clicks.

GearFest 2021 - Doepfer

The GearFest 2021 is taking place on the 25th and 26th of June.

GearFest is a free, action-packed two days of online seminars, workshops, live performances, artist appearances, exclusive sales, giveaways, and above all, gear! 

Take a look at our contribution about Doepfer!

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