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Animal Factory Pedal Godeater+ (Plus)

The new Godeater+ is the successor to the successful Godeater pedal from Indian manufacturer Animal Factorys.

The Godeater was primarily designed for electric basses and saturates the sound in the lower frequencies. However, it is not limited to bass guitars. The pedal can also be used with synthesizers or guitars. The pedal can also be interesting in combination with drum computers. The main aim of the Godeater+ is to create a pedal that allows you to create a distorted sound without losing the low frequencies.

  • The Godeater has a wide range of sound shaping options, which can be subtly added via the wet/dry controls, or used as the main signal.
  • A sidechain input, which accepts both audio and CV, can be used to control input gain, high-pass filter or tone control.
  • Rear MIDI input for automation and parameter control
  • Two footswitches, one to activate the sidechain and one to activate bypass
  • The Godeater distinguishes between global gain and saturation with a two-step gain control
  • Balanced output for interference free signal routing
  • Internal 24V operation with Burr-Brown op-amps for exceptional headroom
  • Musical EQ offers the option of attenuating the signal or processing the bass

Technical data:

  • Input impedance: 1MΩ nominal 
  • Output impedance: <1kΩ (mix) <100Ω (balanced)
  • Sidechain input: 5V p-p audio or DC. Enables the connection of an active or passive expression pedal
  • Bypass: Relay true bypass


Power supply: 9-12V DC 500mA, any polarity, or USB-C

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