Animal Factory Pedal Godeater

Animal Factory Pedal Godeater

Although the Godeater was designed for bass guitar, it might just be the most versatile Animal Factory pedal yet.
With extreme compression and saturation in the low end, this is a very unique circuit that is not a clone of any existing pedal.
The idea behind the Godeater was to be able to run the pedal 100% distorted and have a full, strong bass response without having to dial the clean signal back in.
The Godeater distinguishes between global gain and saturation with two stages of gain control.
The very musical EQ can thin out the sound or go deep into the subs.
From adding a subtle grunt, blending clean and dirty sounds to full doomy chords, this pedal does it all and more.
The extended bass response makes it an ideal choice for downtuned or baritone guitar, but also bass synths and drum machines. 

Power: 9-12V DC, 100 mA, Uses a 2.1 mm DC jack with negative center (Boss-style pedal standard power supply)
Input Impedance: nom. 1MΩ
Output Impedance: nom. approx 2kΩ


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